Christmas shopping for a beauty buyer?

Hello my lovelies!

Todays blog post is simple and informative. I’ve put a list together of what you can buy for those who are beauty buyers themselves, be it your best friend, or girlfriend or sister, this Christmas, you are going to nail it. I find a lot of the times, those buying for me say ‘what do I get you?! you have everything.’ As in, all the beauty products, even though I insist I need more. Never. Enough. Ever.

This Christmas list includes products that I religiously use and some products that I have never used before but would like to try. (SO IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO BUY THEM…….) I always find myself looking at other blogpost’s to see what I should buy my friend, if there are any new suggestions. This is the main reason why I’ve come up with my own!

I will be sure to mention the ones I have used and who might like what beauty product, if it sounds like your friend or sister, then you’re welcome that I saved you all the panic 😉

First up!

Pixi Best of Bright mini set

get it here
Pixi Cosmetics can be difficult to find and not only that, they are quite pricey too when you get you’re hands on them! When I spotted this gem, I sent Santa a screenshot. Beauty buyers LOVE a good pampering sesh, who doesn’t?! I have heard Tara continuously talking about this Glow Tonic, how it is suppose to brighten up the complexion of your skin and leave your skin feeling radiant by sweeping away all the dead skin cells. This will most definitely be helped by the cleanser and every so often by the Glow Mud Mask. If the person you have in mind is religious about taking their makeup off before bed, uses moisturizer every morning and has more than 2 face mask products in her drawer, then she will definitely love this! As these are travel friendly, you might need to get them a little more than just a mini set…. It’s ok, I have more suggestions!

12 piece Blank Canvas Brush Set

get it here
This 12 piece brush set was gifted to me last year by my boyfriend. It is probably the most used gift he has ever bought me. I use these brushes religiously. I don’t know how he knew about Blank Canvas but I am not complaining. These brushes are the best in the industry for me. A lot of other makeup artists swear by them and I understand why. Each brush does something different when applying makeup. My favourite brushes are the two fluffy eye brushes (e24,e26) and the foundation brush (F20) that you also hear Tara Makeup raving about all the time! There are other suggestions on their websites, if this is too pricey for you but keep in mind that the person who you gift these to will love you forever! If you’re friend loves makeup, is a makeup artist or an amateur makeup artist, these are essential in her kit.

Beauty Bay’s  Collection 

get it here

Beauty Bay have started a great idea of putting products together all packed up in a gorgeous little travel-handy makeup bag! This collection includes 3 matte liquid shades that are pretty on trend at the moment. You have a selection  of nudes and purples and somewhere in between. These colours are great for winter! It’s a great idea if you feel like what you have gotten your friend is just not enough and you need a little stocking filler! But don’t buy these colours just for anyone… If she owns a Kylie lipkit or really wants one, but you just dont want to spend all that money, this is perfect!


get it here
They have more than one goodie bag as I like to call them! This one caught my eye because its cheaper than the other one and I’m all about the eyeshadows! These colours are perfect for a smokey eye on New Years eve! You even get a mini Z-Palette to hold the 3 loose eyeshadows! This is ideal for a makeup enthusiast or makeup artist, its a nice thought for a stocking filler.

Trilogy Repair and Protect Gift Set

get it here
This trilogy repair and protect is all about pampering the face. I personally have not tried this product but reeeaally hope someone sees this!!( Just kidding…) The gift set includes a full size rosehip oil which is very well known for the amazing results it achieves. It also includes a night cream and cleanser to ensure your skin is looking at its best over the new year. If your friend cant leave the house without moisturizer and loves taking care of their skin, this is a must.

So Sue Me Vanity Case

get it here

This black and rosegold makeup storage unit holds pretty much all the makeup you could bring for travelling. Suzanne Jackson did a demo on her snapchat with lots of products and brushes and even managed to fit her SOSU contour kit in there! The case is much hollow than one would expect, I was pretty surprised when I seen it in person. On the opposite side of the deep compartment, there are holders to fit your scissors or tweezers or whatever it may be that can be too delicate to throw in with the rest. Whats better is that you won’t look silly carrying this around because it’s stylish. This is an ideal present for those who regularly get ready in a friends house to go out, also for those who are in the makeup industry and take more makeup than usual with them when going to do a few faces!

Cocoa Brown The Goddess Collection

get it here 
Cocoa brown is the craze this year. These shimmering body oils are perfect with tan and for giving your natural skin a bit of a glow. After the launch of the original shimmer oil, the Golden Goddess, the world has gone mad for these highly pigmented oils. They will highlight your legs to give them the attraction they deserve and other body areas that you feel like people need to notice. After the success of the Golden oil, Marissa Carter brought out the rosegold shimmer oil. WHO DOESN’T LOVE ROSEGOLD?! Aaaaand, you might be wondering what’s in the middle then? Carter isn’t launching this product until 2017 but it is exclusive to this gift set. It contains Icy Pearl goddess. This white shimmer pigment oil will be ideal for the winter months- January and February included I presume, to set the scene for these cold dark nights. I’m imagining I will be glowing in the dark with this one, but I’m not too sure… This is a great stocking filler for those who regularly go out, those who love a tan or those who love some highlighter(I cant imagine someone not using highlighter..)

The Pippa Palette and Blank Canvas Brush Set Duo

get it here
Just in case I haven’t mentioned this product before… ( I talk about it on my social media literally every day) Everyone needs a Pippa Palette in their lives. If you want an in-depth view of the palette you can have a look at a previous blogpost here . I’m actually on my second palette, I cant leave the house without using at least one product from the collection of eyeshadows, highlighter, blush or contour. The highlighter, LULU, is my favourite of all time. The brushes included are varied to adapt to everyones need, definitely more than you’d need for an everyday look! I use 4 out of the brush range shown in the picture above. These brushes were  mentioned earlier so you all know how amaaazing they are! This gift box is ideal for someone starting off with makeup or even someone who enjoys doing their makeup! Its an ideal present for teens and adults a like.

The Makeup Fairy’s Book- Fairy Tales

get it here 


Joanne Larby- the makeup fairy brought out her book around this time last year or maybe a bit later. That doesn’t matter because it is a timeless piece of literature. Joanne covers every aspect of her life in this book. She offers personal advice on mental health, relationships and dietary options as well as professional advice for blogging, using the right angles for a pic or the right editing and constantly making the reader  feel important and self-worthy. Joanne has always been a very talented writer and it really shows in her book. I find myself randomly taking it out of the drawer by my bed and flicking over to the certain chapter I need, to see what she recommends. This book doesn’t have to be read in order, the table of contents makes it easy for you to find what you want to read on a particular day. I would definitely recommend this book for those who are aspiring bloggers as well as those who follow bloggers to learn from a first hand account. You will be sure to find some useful tips, advice and guidance.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

get it here


This 14-shades eyeshadow palette is the newest from the ABH collection. It proves to be hard to get your hands on the ABH website but I’ve found it somewhere else to get it- and closer to Ireland! This is a warm shade palette filled with burnt oranges, cranberry colours and neutrals. I can see myself using atleast 3 shades together from this palette. Unfortunately I haven’t tried it but KakeMeup does some gorgeous tutorials using this palette that has me convinced that the colours are extremely pigmented and easy to blend. This is definitely on my wishlist-no matter how many times someone tries to say I have too many, THEY’RE NOT ENOUGH. I’m sure all makeup enthusiasts will agree with me on that one. Therefore, I propose you get this palette for that makeup enthusiast, who may have more than enough palettes in your eyes but, really, they don’t..

Stila Stay All Day Sparkle All Night Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Get it here – at 20% off too!

These 5 liquid lipsticks look like the most efficient lip colours for everyday wear. There are 3 different nude shades- one pinkier, one brown nude and one somewhere in the middle of the two. You also get a matte blood red lipstick which is always handy for a special event. The only one I would probably never wear is the pink shade- which is actually swatched at the end of that swatch board. BUT, maybe if it’s added with a bit of sparkle… They’ve included a glitter top coat to transform the matte shades to add some sparkle for the night time! This is a great gift idea for mothers, daughters, sisters beauty lovers- if they wear lipstick of course. Those who are a fan on the Kylie lipkits will love these too! Matte is all the craze now.

This list was put together for those who are stuck on what to get someone who usually buys beauty products. As a beauty buyer myself, I know people may find it hard to shop for me so I am speaking on behalf of all of us! Be sure to share this with your friends, parents, brothers,boyfriends… To give them a helping hand too!

Hope that helped! I enjoy doing these recommendations.

Until next time my loves,




Kylie Jenner Lipkit: A science experiment

Good evening lovelies! Today, I shall take on the role of an experimenter. Lets imagine me wearing a white lab coat, dismantling this whole infatuation of the Kylie Lipkit and start from scratch. I want to find out if this lipkit is as good as everyone is saying. Is everyone saying its good because its KYLIE JENNERS or is it actually of good quality..

I am going to create a sort of timeline for you guys, to make up your own mind of what you think of the product. As much as I wish this was an actual science experiment, its just a test over hours to see how it holds up. I’ll be using one of the originals and that is shade ‘Candy K’. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never worn it before, but I always top it up when I start to feel it getting, chalky. It may sound strange and I’m sure none of us have put chalk on our lips but the texture is just that.

As soon as you take that wand out, the smell is irresistible. Its like smelling a vanilla flavoured Yankee candle, amazing. As soon as you put it on, it goes on like a gloss. It is so thick in texture that makes it so easy to ‘go outside the line’, in other words, have uneven lips (I probably do in these photos too.)

Right after first application

After one minute, the product turns completely matte. It locks on your lips, and it looks so good! The matte looks soft to touch and just extremely matte! It seems to sit in the creases of the lips quite well also.

During this time, I’m talking, I’m licking my lips like I normally would because it can get a little stiff. I want to do this experiment like I would wear it in every day life (even though I havent had food.. YET) This picture, below, is after 21 minutes. What do you think? It starts to get, like I said earlier, really chalky.. It starts to look like my lips may have wrinkles..

21 minutes later.. Cracks in my lips seem to appear clearer (i like sounding like a scientist)

At this point, its still wearable. Its not that bad that everyone will notice. It still kind of looks really smooth on the lips. What about an hour later? Below is a picture taken exactly an hour and 2 minutes later. I think at this point I’ve definitely eaten something…. You can start to see how the product is seeping into my fine lines and drying out my lips. Its like a plant that’s really thirsty, and when it gets some water it dissolves into the compost. At this point, when I’m talking it feels uncomfortable. I know this product is drying out my lips, I can feel every movement I make with my mouth and therefore am conscious of whats on them. Does this happen to Kylie Jenner too?

I’m a little unsure about the product now.. From far away, it looks good but up close is just nasty. I have one last picture, 2 hours from first application and one hour later from the photo above. During this last hour I was on facetime to my friend, so a lot of talking was done, which meant a lot more work for this lipkit. I did keep rubbing my lips together and sort of ‘fake smiling’ to stretch out the lips because they felt so tight.As a result of that rubbing of lips together, the product began to flake away, literally. I could taste the build up of bits in my mouth. I was rubbing my hands against my lips to get all of the little grains of matte off my lips. It was uncomfortable and gross all at the same time.

2 hours after application.. it looks like it is decaying away. Lips feel dry, uncomfortable and in need of a moisturise.

Once again, I wonder does that happen to Kylie Jenner? For research basis, I didn’t apply any more product, just to see it for what its worth, and it isn’t a lot. But on a night out I obviously apply more as the night goes on and I feel it starting to dry into my lips. I don’t know if I top it up for colour reasons- because it doesnt really fade, or if its purely because my lips need some moisture. The feeling when I put on the product again is like drinking a bottle of water after having none for 5 hours.

This may make you rethink if its worth the purchase. Despite the outcome, I will continue to use this product because 1) I love the shades and 2) I’m starting to think dry lips is the signature look- this is how someone knows you’re wearing the lip kit (SO TERRIBLY WRONG) But maybe every matte lipstick is like this because of the texture of matte itself. Keep your eyes peeled, I might do the same with a different matte product and see the difference…..

See you next week!
Lots of Love


You’re making me BLUSH

good evening ladies!🎀 it’s been too long, I know. But I’m back and I couldn’t wait much longer to share this fantastic product with you. Today we’re talking blushes, and I intend to do just what this blog post says, to make you blush them cheeks out!

I really only started using blush this year, I was more into the contour and highlight but blush has shun a new light on my face! I want to talk about one blush palette in particular, and that is the Catrice Cosmetics Blush Artist Shading Palette 030 Rock’n’Rose.


I started wearing blush to give my face a bit of colour and also it makes me look a little cute, and I like looking cute! I stole this palette off my friend because I could not part with it after the first time I wore it.

Before I go into detail about the product itself, I want to tell you why you should blush.

Firstly, it gives colour to the face, I know I’m stating the obvious but it really helps to fill in any pigmentation on the skin or any white patches. It gives you a nice balance to the face.

Secondly, it can really bring out your eyes. I only discovered this through this blush so make sure you find the right blush for your eyes. I have green eyes so this shade of pink bounces off and makes my eyes stand out. What do you think?


It also gets rid of them harsh contour lines. Not everyone contours these days but for a night out everyone wants to make them cheekbones stand out, I understand that. Depending on the kind of look you’re going for, I recommend using blush with contour and highlight when you’re wearing lighter clothes and lighter makeup. If you have a real dark smokey eye with blush it can just take away from your eyes because they are overpowered by the makeup so keep it cute and simple!

Everyone has their own preferred blusher brush, as long as it does what you want it to do you don’t have to go by what the brush is set out for. For example, my blusher brush is actually a bronzer brush but the flat top makes it easier for me to get the product on the apple of my cheeks and blend out (because you don’t want two pink circles on either sides!)

I follow the direction of my cheek so after applying the blush to the chubbier part of the cheek, bring out that product, towards the top of your ear – not that far though- without using anymore of the powder product. This is so you don’t have any harsh lines, just cute rosey cheeks!(Have I mentioned CUTE yet?)

This particular blush palette caught my eye when I seen the highlighter (typical). I was looking for a pink undertone highlighter on holidays, and this was the closest thing to it. It reminds me of light pink petals from a rose sprayed with glitter and squeezed to make this gorgeous highlighter. I match it with the shimmer blush to finish the look.



They are so similar in colour but so different  when put together. The shimmer blush (right) is much more rosy than it appears while the highlighter (left) has just a hue of pink in it. The texture of these shades are powder based. The good this about that is, because blushes can be extremely pigmented, you can end up looking like a baboon. And no one wants to look like that. But this means that it is very easy to remove the excess powder off the brush to give you a gentle amount of product to the cheek!

Since we are in that autumn stage though, I feel like I will be wearing the matte blush much more often. This is a real deep-girly-pink shade. Something shouts ‘AUTUMN!!’ at me the more I look at this shade.


This matte shade is much deeper than the other two and I don’t think it needs any extra help! I also think it will really compliment all the Autumn shades in our wardrobes such as the mustard yellow’s and burgundy’s. No highlighter and no contour, just a pop of colour to keep things warm for the season. Give it a try, and tell me what you think!

This little palette definitely has a space in my makeup bag. I would definitely recommend it for those with green eyes and blue/grey eyes.

You can get Catrice Cosmetics from Penneys/ Primark or in other drug stores who stock Catrice. The Blush shading palette is on the market for only €4.50! Can you go wrong?!

Let me know what you think! Until next time my loves,


my night time routine

How many of us reading this are guilty of not having a proper night time regime for your skin? Its ok, we’ve all been there. I’ve actually only discovered my night time routine about a month ago. I was searching, I always used some sort of product at night but now I know what suits my skin and what is effective for my skin. The only way you can figure out your regime is by trying products and seeing what agrees with your skin.

First of all, I am recommending these products because they are the products that work for me, different skin types will react differently on every individual. Therefore, I must explain to you my skin type so you’re not giving out to me that the product I use doesn’t work for you( Is it just me or does anyone else take their skincare really serious?!).

My skin type is oily, extremely oily. Not just my T-zone, everywhere. I also use to have (past tense!) large pores on both sides of my cheeks, on my chin and black heads on my nose. I’m not saying that my skin is flawless now, but it definitely has improved.  My night time regime would work best for those with similar skin type, combination skin also, those with pigmentation and those with uneven skin texture.

There are two/three steps I take every night to ensure I wake up in the morning with clean, clear skin- yes, even after a night out it has to be done ladies! (obviously I’ve had those times where I couldn’t even take off my makeup but that is rare.. dont let that become a habit! Also, I am not a qualified beauty therapist, I will try to explain the products and what they do as best as I can based on what I have researched. If you have serious concerns about your skin I would advise you to go see a specialist because they will tell you what treatment you need. My regime is very relaxed rather than focused on one issue of the skin.

1. Garnier Micellar water 

IMG_0168First step, remove your makeup. Even if your not wearing makeup, dirt has definitely built up on the face so you need to get rid of all that nastaaay.  Say goodbye to wipes and hello to micellar water. How many people know what micellar water actually is? From what I’ve gathered, they are tiny little round particles found in the water that remove dirt from the skin and cleans the face. These little balls are called micelles and that’s where the name came from! Micellar water has only become really big in the last two years but apparently the French have been using it for yeeaarsss until their secret was exposed (they have pretty good skin..). It works by using some cotton wool on a pad and rubbing the water all over your face. When the micelles come into contact with oil and dirt it literally swipes away what it finds. What I don’t understand is why there are different types, different brands and different formulas when the only goal is to remove makeup. This was the first one I  tried and never had any problems with it, it did what it said on the tin. I tried Bioderma and my eye started to sting and it tasted really weird, not a fan. There are three different types of bottles but I really don’t think there is much of a difference. I’ve tried the mattifying version- with the blue lid and my skin felt the exact same! You can use this to remove eye makeup as well as foundation and mascara. It’s da bomb!

2. Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads EXTREME 

IMG_0169 This product is all about exfoliating. The pad itself is quite rough, it has little bumps to make it tough on the skin and remove all that dead skin. What is contained in each and every single one of the 60 pads you get is even more interesting.

  1. 5% glycolic acid: Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane and it is used for safely exfoliating the skin. It also refines ones skin texture to give them an even complexion (good for pigmentation or acne scarring). 5% is considered to be above average as the standard amount is about 3% in other products.
  2. salicylic acid: This weird term is basically a form of acid that helps break up or remove particles that have joined up together. It’s used in many things but in this sense it helps unclog congested skin. This is great for those with open pores and oily skin because it breaks all that dirt and grease down and its also great for black heads and blemishes.
  3. lactic acid: as predicted, it comes from milk! This form of acid gently weakens the bonds holding dead skin together to give you a smooth finish.
  4. hyaluronic acid: this word is so much more complicated than it needs to be. We all have this naturally inside of our bodies but its extra fluid on the pad to soften the face and make it more plump!

This product is quite intense as there is so much going on so it is recommended to use just once a week for those with sensitive skin. Those who can handle a pure cleanse should use it 3 times a week. After using this product, it is recommended you use SPF the morning after because your face is still quite delicate (you should use SPF on your face everyday anyway!) Why I love this product is because it does everything it says. I’ve especially noticed a difference in my pores and the decrease of black heads on my nose. I feel like it has taken all the excess oil out of my skin as well as giving it a good scrub.

3. Vichy Normaderm Night Detox 

IMG_0170 I have been on the hunt for a good night cream for ages. I have specific skin requirments when it comes to creams so not any will do. And that should be the same for you, always look out for what is recommended for your skin as well as acknowledging the problems you might have and trying to find a cream with a solution for this. What intrigued me at first was the word ‘normaderm.’ From what I have researched, normaderm is basically made up by Vichy (because I even asked the dictionary..) to represent blemish-prone skin and oily skin. This product is great for tightening your pores, reducing the size of your pores, removing excess oil and keeping the oils on your face at bay as well as giving you an even skin tone and a subtle radiance. What really caught my eye was that it controls oil. As I’ve moaned a lot in most of my blogposts about my oily skin, I needed something to combat this problem. In physiological terms oil is called sebum, so what this product does is combats the sebum and controls the amount of production of sebum that is surfaced on the skin. I have been using this for over a month now and I wouldnt recommend it unless I noticed a difference in my skin.  Sometimes, I would wake up with extremely oily skin even though I have applied this cream the night before but that could be for other reasons such as stress I suppose, but majority of the time, it really does what it says on the tin. I love it! The texture is quite creamy and thick. It does feel like a shielded layer on your skin but it eventually seeps in through the skin.

Don’t make your night time routine too complicated because realistically, if your tired, your not going to do the whole procedure if you have to think of the amount of effort you need to put in. Keep it short but effective. Find whats right for your skin. I hope I’ve helped in some way! Feel free to ask me any question on these products. Always read the back of the products and make sure they are right for your skin type!

Until next time my loves,




highlight it up this summer

hello angels! Today we are talking highlight, we are talking ALL BOUT DAT GLOW. Its summer, its hot, we don’t have time for a full face of makeup but we ALWAYS have time for some highlight to brighten up the face.

Strobing was introduced a few months ago coming into summer and we were all for it. The difference between strobing and using a highlighter is that strobing involves just highlighting the face without contouring, so your face is like a strobe light… not literally, but effect it gives is that it lifts the face, you look healthy and you are glowing, DUH. I personally love it because it gives a natural affect, once you bring in contouring in the equation we are painting our faces and trying to shape our face in a particular way (which I’m all for btw).

This summer I noticed I use more than one highlighter. My highlight depends on the day- if its sunny or gloomy, the outfit im wearing-if I wear black then I need to brighten up the face more and of course my makeup of the day- what shadows will compliments the highlighter.

I’m going to explain to you my fave highlighters and how I wear each of them. Surely I’m not the only one who owns more than 5 highlighters…

There are different undertones in highlighters, different pigment quality and different textures but all have the same function and that is to give you a radiant glow. What way do you like to wear your highlighter? I can give you a hand…

Pippa Palette for Blank Canvas  highlighter LULU


I decided to start with this one because this is the highlighter I wear regularly, my holy grail, the love of my life.. Personally, I think this highlighter is so under rated. I always rave about it, I always get compliments about it but when I tell people where it’s from they dont know what I’m talking about! I like to wear this highlighter during the day because it’s not too extreme, the pigmentation is strong but light. The colour of this highlight is not so easy to describe, it’s kind of like a silver shade on the skin with little gold particles embedded in the base of the shadow to create a mix between the two which works extremely well. It gives off a reflection of a subtle light gold to make it look a little natural. I like to wear this most days in work, if I’m wearing orange or pink shadows, I think it goes really well with the flirty, girly, really pretty shadows or glosses. What really compliments this highlighter is its sister blush- PIPSY because its very much sweet, innocent and fun. Eyeshadows I would recommend with this highlighter would be matte pinks, matte browns, dark browns and also blue shades compliment the gold pigment in the highlighter.

Urban Decay Naked 1 ‘Sin’


Yes it’s true! Take out that eyeshadow from your Naked 1 and make use of it because its amaziiinnnggg. I never thought about using this shadow as a highlighter, one night i was out and this girl was wearing it, it literally popped like you couldn’t miss it, and she told me she used this! I heard somewhere that they’re making a full size highlighter from this shade. This highlighter has a pink undertone, a very light rose-petal pink undertone to it that makes it cute. But then when you put it on its like BAM. I’ve arrived. It’s very silver, extremely pigmented and perfect to give your face a bit of a lift. This is the ultimate shade for strobing. You walk in the room and it looks like a strobe light was imprinted on your cheekbones.. You can see here how the highlight has given me a boost to my face, and makes me look healthy. I think highlighter looks different depending on what way you wear it. Here, I’m going for a very natural look, I want to keep the face bright to give it a healthy glow. During the night this highlighter can be worn with darker tones to literally make it pop. I prefer to wear it this way because I don’t want it too look extremely cake-y on the cheekbone. Apply this once or twice and thats enough intensity because it’s like you can see the build up of the product after the second time. I reccomend neutral, natural shades such a glitter golds, silvers, whites and also works lovely with some white eyeliner in the waterline!

Benefit Sugarbomb


This shade has become a new favourite in the last week. I love rading mam’s makeup, (who doesn’t?!) this time, I found a lovely kit which includes a highlighter blush and bronzer all in one. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the packaging, there is barely any space to get one product at a time. It kind of encourages you to use all three shades as one but I don’t want to! The pigments are quite strong so be sure to dab just the highlight! It has a lovely orange tone that makes it so perfect for summer! Its warm, its not too strong and it is so flattering. When the light hits off the shade it gives a lovely tint of rose gold and orange with little particles of gold throughout. I like to wear this when I wear any glitter eyeshadows, I think the rose gold touch to it really compliments glitter colours. It would also look lovely on its own with just some brows and mascara! I’m excited to wear this more this summer. It reminds me of a sunset in a foreign country by the beach..

SOSU Contour Palette Shade 5 



This highlighter is a cream based product. The pros of that is that it is extremely pigmented, none of the product is lost in the air, and it sits very well. On the other hand, it can be very hard to blend and make it not look patchy. The important thing with cream products is contact with the finger to warm up the product and therefore will go on much easier that trying to use it with a brush or blender, that way no product is lost behind either! When using this I dab my ring finger into the product, your ring finger is the finger with the least amount of power so you don’t go crazy with the highlight but I mean if you want to, use that index finger gurl! This highlighter has a copper-gold feel to it. I only wear it when I’m going out with lots of makeup on my face because the highlighter can be a bit overpowering if you were to use it with normal day – time makeup. It instantly wakes you up when you put some of the product in the tear duct because it is so bright! I would recommend this if you are looking for something extreme.

Lollipops ‘Golden Girl’


These pictures aren’t even doing this product justice right now! It’s currently BEAMING off my hand right now. This product is by a French brand called Lollipops, you can buy this product online on  It has the most wonderful royal gold I have ever seen. I really love it because it adds so much colour to the face and to the makeup. This is also a cream based product but not creamy when applied, you simply roll on the highlighter with the side of the pencil. I love wearing this product with tan, to give you a bronzed glow. My favourite kind of look to wear is actually a bronzey- glow, it kind of sends me back to a different era. The pigmentation is very clearly just gold. When the light hits off the highlighter the gold stands out even more! I recommend this for everyone with green and brown eyes, it will compliment your eyes very well and with almost every colourful eyeshadow! Its also perfect for wearing to festivals and going out on holidays.


If you have more than one highlighter at home but are sticking to your holy grail, give the other ones a chance. Take notice of the colours your wearing on your eyes and what highlighter would really compliment that look. I would love to hear your favourite highlighters too- they’re probably my favourite kind of makeup to try out!

Until next time my loves,

lots of love,

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seven summer hols essentials

Bonjour from France! I have a lot of explaining to do.. I know, its been about two months since I’ve last blogged? I want to defend myself by saying that blogging is still a passion of mine and the only reason I ‘took a break’ was for the college exams and working my but off to save money for living a month in the south of France. P.S I can get use to this no working business….

Maybe some of you didn’t notice, and if you didn’t, I wish I never told you. But if anyone did, I’m extremely sorry but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

I am still here in sunny Montpellier but I have found an adaptor for my Mac charger so now it is possible to blog! (Italian charger, didn’t bring adaptor because I thought the plugs were the same, like the rest of Europe but nope! Just in case you didn’t believe me ;))

I’m gunna welcome you all back with a light-hearted, summer inspired blog post. Since I am still on holidays, I want to give you some first hand advice for essentials to bring on holidays. I’m also very relieved to be able to write this here, while I am in the country and use these products daily, so I wont forget any products before returning home, because I definitely wont need to use them all in Ireland.

It’s near July and it is sure to be hot wherever you go on your summer holidays as it is bang on in the middle of the summer. Now, I went at the end of May from rainy Ireland. I did not know what I was going to be using every day, I did not know what I needed exactly so I brought a lot of things with me. Now that I’m here, I don’t use half of them! Typical…  As well as that, I am the worst packer. I will literally bring everything I never use at home and think “yeeaaah but maybe I’ll use it on holidays!”  And I literally never do. But it’s always something I didn’t bring that I miss on holidays.

Fear no more!! I have come to you with the summer essentials. I hope at least one of you read this and say “omg thank god you reminded me I would have completely forgotten!!”

These beauty products are my personal fave and based on my personal opinion, some of you have your own preferred products and that’s great, as long as you don’t forget to pack them!

Essential 1:

Boots Botanics Radiance Balm ALL BRIGHT


For those who have read some of my blog posts before will have noticed that I rave about this product SO much. I don’t want to repeat myself but I JUST CANT HELP IT. If I didn’t have this, I’d be lost. On holidays, no one has time for foundation. Even the lightest wear foundation can melt off your face. My opinion is that during the day, your face should be able to breathe, enjoy the fresh air and the sea breeze. At night-time, its gonna sweat and clog because of the humidity, so I don’t wear it on holidays. Not to mention the shade difference between my forehead and the rest of my face and the colour of the foundation! This product is perfect for many reasons. One, it instantly brightens up your face.Therefore, you don’t need to wear foundation during the day to cover up how tired or hungover you may be from the night before. Two, it has spf 15 to protect you from them rays. As well as that, the rays reflect a beautiful glow off the skin and makes you look overall healthy. Three, it’s better than not wearing any product at all. I know sometimes it can be tempting to put nothing on your face, for example if you’re going for lunch or touring around the area, but its important to take care of your skin especially from the sun. This is also my favourite because it has replaced foundation in  my daily makeup routine, it gives me an even skin tone, a bit of colour to my face that allows me to wear some eyeshadow and blush and I don’t look so silly! When you return home, it is perfectly fine to use this under your foundation as a primer and to give you a glow through your foundation. Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product?!

Available to buy from Boots retailing at €8.49 and currently are offering 3 for 2 on all Botanics range!

Essential 2:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water ‘on the go’ size


To remove your makeup or cleanse the skin, it is essential for every night. Because its sunny, your face can sweat and as a result a lot of dirt can clog up on the skin. Since I don’t wear foundation during the day, I want my face to look as healthy as possible, so I make sure to cleanse before I go to sleep. This travel size is great to bring in your hand luggage, and you wont need more than whats here for lets say, 2 weeks. The reason why I have so much left in my bottle  is because i bought a travel size of the Bioderma micellar cleansing water to try out for a few weeks, but I prefer this one. The Bioderma has a different texture to it, it also doesn’t taste very nice (I was taking off my lipstick) and it stung my eyes when I was removing my mascara! I’ve never had any problems with this one. Along with this, make sure to bring cotton pads!

Can buy in all pharmacies and Penneys, price ranges but should not exceed €4 for travel size.

Essential 3:

My go-to palette: Pippa Palette x Blank Canvas


If I could go back, and re-pack my makeup I would. I brought so much makeup that I wear daily at home but haven’t worn once here! This is my go-to palette everyday because it has everything you need in one palette: eyeshadows, highlighter, blush, contour. I’ve also started using one of the eyeshadows for my brows because it is not too dark so I don’t look funny when I’m not wearing foundation. I think it looks ridiculously obvious when you’ve drawn on your brows but you’re not wearing foundation, and therefore not natural which is what I try to avoid. The blush compliments the radiance balm really well, and helps it stay on better too! The highlighter in this palette is my holy grail, I wear it everyday here (and at home!) And finally the contour shade is not too strong. I’ve actually avoided wearing contour all of this holiday because I want to look natural but for night-time its great!

Available to buy on retails at €34.99

Essential 4:

Body butters!


Being in the sun all day, your skin can become hydrated and dry. Not to mention the sea salt. Be sure to take your favourite body butter to leave your skin smelling and looking good as well as nourished. I love the smell of these body butters, the citrus one is perfect for a night out near the beach! Generally, I mix between after sun and body butters. A day after the beach, after a shower ,I use after sun but every other day I use a body butter.

These three mini tubs came in a set and can be found at the gift section in Boots.

Essential 5 :

Night cream


I bought this over here because I didn’t actually bring any night cream with me! This is the Vichy Night Detox cream. I’ve been using it for over 2 weeks and feel like my pores have reduced, my face feels and looks fresh too. A night cream is important to let your skin work while you’re sleeping. At the start of the day (rather than end), everyone wants to have healthy, clear skin and this is what this product has done for me. It’s also great for breakouts, I tend to get a few breakouts from the sun but they are usually reduced after a few nights wearing this.

Essential 6:

Nuxe Summer After-sun hair & body shampoo, tanning oil/ sun cream


After buying so many Nuxe products here to last me for the month, I received the after sun shampoo for hair and body as a gift. AND IT IS AMAZING. first of all, it smells divine, like all of their products. Secondly, it removes every grain of sand and sea salt you may have in your hair or on your body. `it also removes chlorine too if you’re by the pool! This is a must have for beach weather on summer hols.

And of course, those who know me know that I love a good tan and because I have sallow skin, it doesn’t take much! Some people may be against it but I find the best way to get a bronze tan is using an oil, with spf of course. I generally don’t burn so I don’t need high spf but it is important to protect your skin! I would recommend to get your sun cream from home, the one you usually wear because when you’re away the brands are different, you don’t know what’s good and what works whereas using your regular one, you can rest assured knowing that you wont frizzle!

Available to buy at retailing at €11.95

Essential 7:

Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse Or


Last but most definitely not least, the AMAZING Nuxe dry oil. This beauty contains 6 different oils to nourish and soften your skin, as well as transforming you into a bronzed beauty. I have used this every day, on my legs and arms and at the ends of my hair. The oil really shines through giving you a glow when the sun bounces off your skin and also has some gold pigmentation in it to reflect on your skin from every angle. Half way through the day, the oil  dries into the skin, leaving you with beautiful particles of gold glitter camouflaged into your skin. Awhile ago I did a comparison of this to the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess to see the difference. Unexpectedly, there was a massive difference. Cocoa Brown focuses on the pigment of glitter, there is a lot more glitter. While Nuxe offers different oils to benefit your skin a long with a lovely hue of golden particles seeped in through the oil. It is truly amazing. I’ve already used half a bottle and I have only been here for a month! I recommend this for holidays because usually you’ll have your legs out and giving them a glow can make them look slimmer, tanner than you actually are and over all hottt!

Available to buy on boots or Arnotts or most pharmacies, generally around €40-€45 but so worth it!

What are your essentials? My main focus when on holidays is to look healthy and to shine like a bronzed beauty! Even though your on holidays to relax, take care of your skin and yourself to feel and look your best on your time off, cause gurl you deserve it!!

until next week, have a fabulous week dolls!

Lots of love,



You gotta go to work but u aint gotta do the work

And now, you have fifth harmonies song stuck in your head, (I made lyric changes to suit the blogpost).

Bonjour lovely ladies!

Today I will be doing a MOTD for work! Let me tell you how this came about.. The chef in the cafe I work in, actually suggested I do a blogpost on everyday makeup for work. This is funny because 1) he slags me about my blogposts ALL THE TIME and 2) he’s an old married man with a love for those stupid men movies (got u back JOHN), basically a man. I know for a fact he’ll read this – he might be my biggest fan-stalker even? But he’s obviously noticed that I still have more than a minimum amount of makeup everyday and he must be thinking “how does she do it?!” I know John.. I know..

From what I’ve gathered, women tend to do their makeup in the car on the way to work, or on public transport, or just wear none because of the ‘effort’. In my opinion, you feel and look confident when wearing makeup, I genuinely think it can affect your mood if you’re not because you just feel shit about yourself. Now, I’m not saying that you look shit without makeup on but realistically, we all look better with a bit of a glow or a soft touch or whatever way you prefer your makeup to look.

Makeup is an effort, but its the effort you want to put in. By no means do I suggest having a winged eyeliner and a cut crease in to work but something to make you look fresh and ready to take on the day ahead. I will demonstrate my everyday work makeup. My makeup products are not always the same, but my technique never changes.

First of all- you don’t need to have ‘extra time’ in the morning. I wake up an hour before work and I’m sorted but I do have the benefits of working close to home, I also don’t have a proper breakfast (I know, I’m a terrible example) and I’ve gotten to the stage where ‘practice makes perfect’. BUT, do not feel discouraged. I take 15- 20 minutes to do my makeup depending on how particular I am and then try to squeeze in a few selfies of it! and then I try leave my house at quarter to so in total- I have 45 minutes to do the usual morning stuff and makeup (this includes cleansing!)

While brushing your teeth (women are known for being great multitaskers), try, as many times a week as you remember, to cleanse your face in the morning. I find my foundation sits much better and looks better too when I apply it on a very clean face. I also apply an oil control moisturizer because otherwise my face will melt off in work, this is a personal preference but I do advice wearing a moisturizer before going to work because you need something hydrating while you’re working, so your skin wont show how you feel inside-fatigue (me, daily).

After foundation, a quick brow touch up. Don’t bother trying to get them brows perfect because aint nobody got time for dat. I always start by outlining my brown from the bottom and then working my way in from the end and just filling in the gaps. Simple.

Eyeshadow- gurl-dont go mad. We are only going to work, no one expects you to have amazing makeup, just put some eyeshadow to make those eyes pop! In the morning, you’re not going to be as concentrated as you will be throughout the day so don’t try doing anything precise, be easy, be quick, be bold. When I say be bold I literally mean slap on one eyeshadow colour , don’t be afraid of the eyeshadow, and blend. I usually use two shades- the one that I slap on everywhere and then afterwards I go in with a transition colour to smoothen out the edges, any harsh lines. Get that contour on and apply once or twice, depending on how strong u feelin and of course some highlight to set you up like a shining sun and you are ready to go!

Example: A Short Tutorial on this look

Pippa palette: DODO all over lid, PIPSY(blush) as transition, LULU highlight and ABH contour kit for contour. NYX ‘brown perfection’ eyeliner. ‘Phoebe’ Push lipstick

This was basically me going to work yesterday. I got up an hour before work as per usual and actually did this look in 15 mins! I’m gunna focus on explaining the eyeshadow bit because women get disheartened to wear makeup when they think of wearing eyeshadow and that’s not the case. Eyeshadow is your friend, definitely my best friend because it helps me by bringing out my eyes!

For work, I suggest wearing a matte colour. For two reasons, I think they are much easier to work with and blend with and also with shimmery shades its almost more obvious how much effort you put in to your eyeshadow (which is barely any).  I like to use darker shades because they make my eyes stand out and look like I put in a lot of effort. Its all about the tricks guys, ya feel me!

Once again, like I did in my previous blogpost- I used one fluffy brush. Apply a lot of product on the brush, and dab on lid. Then blend. Apply some on the lower lashes to give you a fuller effect and really make those eyes pop. After blended and applied all over lid, go in with a transition colour – you know the lighter, softer colour that makes the other colour stand out- kind of like a base for the eyeshadow look (that is a terrible explanation). and blend until you can’t see where it ends. Circular motions, always. Now that the eyeshadow is done, you could go straight ahead and apply some mascara and you’re ready to go or you could be a stubborn brat like me and want to go for more and pick up the eyeliner! (However you’re feeling!) I quickly applied some brown liner on my waterline and on the top of my lid. The beauty of kohl pencil is that its creamy so it glides on. No precision is needed because I’m using brown, you can barely see if there is any squiggly lines all over the lid. And finally, THEN I apply some mascara!

A key thing for me when Im doing work makeup is applying a generous amount of blush. I think its very feminine and friendly so don’t forget the blush! But don’t go overboard either! Also, highlight is key to make you look like you’ve had a lovely bright morning and on top of the world. On the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and eyebrow arch so when the light from your work bounces off your face, you’re JUST RADIANT.

As mentioned before, people get disheartened to do their makeup in the morning because of the daunting eyeshadow. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Get creative, get inspired, sometimes I plan what eyeshadow Im going to wear the night before when I’m laying in bed trying to sleep. At least when you wake up you know what you’re going to do. Thats the main reason I wanted to do a quick demo of the eye look, to show you that its really not that hard. 5-10 mins and you will feel better about yourself, I promise. You’re representing yourself, whatever way you want to be seen requires work. This is just another form of work-for work.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Shoutout to John the chef for being concerned for us lovely ladies who need a little bit of guidance to do some work makeup. Now, you gotta do the WERK WERK WERK WERK.

lots of hugs,